Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Field trip to Point Loma Lighthouse

It was a beautiful clear day to be outside in the fresh sea air and visit the old Point Loma Lighthouse.
The kids pose in front of the lighthouse.

Here is Katie at the top of the ladder leading up to the light. That is as far as you can go.
In the lighthouse the doors and windows are covered with glass and the rooms are decorated for the 1880's time period. You can peek into the rooms to see what life would have been like for the Lighthouse Keeper Captain Robert Decatur Israel, his wife Maria the Asst. Keeper and their family of 3 sons and a niece.
There is a living room and kitchen downstairs. Then you climb a tight, steep winding stair to the next floor where there are 2 tiny bedrooms and a storage room between them. I wonder where all of those kids slept?

Next we walked around admiring the ocean views and the abundance of wildflowers in many colors.
We tried to watch for migrating whales, but didn't see any.
We did look down at the tidepools that we visited a few weeks ago.
Then back for a pose in front of the Lighthouse that mimics one of several years ago.

Back in 2006, my cousin Amy was out for a visit. Before we took her to the airport, we made a stop at Cabrillo Monument and the Lighthouse.

I took the picture of the kids in the "gutter" in front of the lighthouse and they have not forgotten it. So they wanted to pose the same way for this year's picture.
MARCH 2008

APRIL 2006

Funny how Derek's feet are out in front of him in both pics. His hair, however, has turned darker.

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