Sunday, April 06, 2008

Palm Sunday Altar Servers

We were all excited to see on the schedule that Geoff & James were assigned as Altar Servers on Palm Sunday.
Last year, their first opportunity to serve on the Altar was on Divine Mercy Sunday.

Here are pictures I could get. There were palm bearers in the way and they were moving fast into the church.

Geoff is the second man carrying the crucifix covered in palms.

Fr. Matt follows up the procession, James is in front of him. He is the shorter boy closer to the yellow flowers in the first picture and on the left side in the next picture.

We were additionally blessed to have our friends, the McCallums meet us for Mass. They arrived early, saved our seats and the kids loved sitting together. They are Katie's godparents. She likes calling their kids her god-sisters and god-brothers.
After Mass we all went back to our house for a wonderful lunch, playing, swimming & the parents were in the jacuzzi.

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