Friday, May 09, 2008

Adding to my croc collection

I finally got a pair of sandal crocs called "Cleo".

I was going to get the black ones, but decided to get the brown & pink.
I got them at Macy's in Las Vegas. There were croc carts in the malls but they didn't have my size. Plus I had a Macy's coupon for 20% off. yeah.
I love them. They are light as air and I even wear them to church!

I've had the blue ones for 3 years. I wear them EVERY DAY!
I forget I have them on and just come and go.. sometimes I hop in the car and go "OH, I 've got my crocs on!"
They are the most comfortable shoe ever. I mainly wear them as clogs and prefer to have socks on.

The red ones were from my mom last Oct.
We went to Disneyland and her feet were hurting so she bought them for herself.
After a few weeks she decided they were too big for her. She had 2 pair already, so she passed them on to me.

The flip-flops I got @ Costco in Hawaii in december. I don't like them as much. The rim of the shoe in the front is higher than the bed where your toes are and my toes slip forward and bump the rim. They are OK> I wore them walking all around Las Vegas.

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