Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Guess where we went??

Las Vegas!!

From our house it takes about 5 hours.
300 miles

This is our 4th year visiting.

For 3 yrs we stayed at the Monte Carlo. But last year they were doing construction behind it to build "City Center" and the noise was unbearable. We had to change rooms. We tried that first because we didn't want to be changing hotels if we could avoid it.

We like the Monte Carlo hotel for the kids. They let you make reservations for a family of 5 persons.

It has a wave pool and a lazy river. The lobby has Mc D's and Starbucks, pizza, ice cream....

This year we are trying the MGM Grand.

It has a lazy river and a couple pools.

Pictures of New York, New York Hotel across the street from MGM.

MGM Grand Hotel

I liked it fine, but it was a LOT of walking to get to the pool. You have to go down the entire "Food Walk" to get there. Past fancy restaurants, like Emeril's and Shibuya (a sushi place), Craft Steak (Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio's restaurant)and Sea Blue. There was also a good sandwich shop.

For the kids there is a mini food park with a McD's, Nathans Hot dogs, Pizza and Starbucks.
Guess where we got food for certain children who love pancakes and nuggets.....everyday?

The prices were outrageous! The normal latte at that S place here at home is like $3.60 and there it was $5. plus tax. yikes!

The Lazy River at the pool was fun. I liked jogging under the water around it keeping up with the flow of the river and the kids. So I got a bit of exercise in.

Wed night we arrived and went straight from our room to finding the pool. It was about 4:30. The pool was closing at 6. ? Oh well, it was great to cool off, relax and then go out.

We went over to the Excalibur Hotel. They have a bottom floor that is a carnival, full of kiddie gambling games, where they can win tickets or stuffed animals.
Each of the kids won 3-4 animals and Geoff won a big stuffed lion in a grabbing machine.
After that we went upstairs to the Krispy Kreme store to watch donuts being made. The kids had donuts.
We went back to the MGM and went to the Rainforest Cafe. Geoff ordered a steak & shrimp dinner, the kids shared some fries and I ate his soup.

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