Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Venetian hotel & shopping mall

Views of the outside of the Venetian Hotel. Sorry it is dusk and hard to get a sharp picture.
You can take a Gondola ride around the outside and then the ride takes you inside the mall.

The water and gondolas come right into the Mall you can watch them go by as you are shopping. There are tunnels, which are bridges around the mall. The gondolier sings to the passengers in the boat. We didn't look into how much it costs. I think it is $15-20 a person.

Geoff and the boys opted to take the Monorail back to the MGM. Katie & I stayed to go shopping in the Grand Canal Shops.
Her goal: Haagen Daz ice cream cone.
My goal: Dooney & Bourke store!
We became lost and went the wrong way a couple times but finally found our way to the D&B store. When we walked the the salesman (Scott) recognized the bag I was carrying from their store last year. We chatted about how much I like that bag and wanted another bag similar, but in another color. (Mother's Day is tomorrow) He gave me a $50 coupon. whooo hoo. Happy dancing!
I found 3 bags I liked, then narrowed it down to 2. I was trying to decide and he passed me off to a saleswoman. She was also very helpful. She suggested another design and all the colors it came in.
I changed my mind to her suggestion. Which was better anyway. The purse I was looking at was $235 and this one was $175. The coupon was for a $200 purchase. So I chose a wristlet that was $45. So it put me over $200 and basically I got it for Free.
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