Saturday, June 07, 2008

Heidi & Spencer @ California Adventure

I saw Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt at Disney's California Adventure!
We just got off of the King Triton's Carousel and were waiting for the kids on Ca Sreamin' when I spotted Spencer. I thought, wow! that guy looks just like Spencer from "The Hills" and then knew it was him. And close by was Heidi.
They were moving towards the fence to take some photos with some little girls. By the time I could figure out my camera they were starting to walk away.
Heidi is the tiniest thing. She is very short and super skinny. So much for the double fisted ice cream bar AND cotton candy!

Next day there were photos of them on E! & Entertainment Tonight riding the new Toy Story ride.
They are NOT my favorite couple on the show. But I have been watching Lauren since Newport Beach and the past 3 seasons of The Hills.
Since they are the show's antagonists... well you just have to hear what they are up to each show... either breaking up or getting back together! Season finale??? They were getting back together... but still not friends with Lauren.

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