Saturday, September 27, 2008

Air & Space Museum and Arlington Cemetry

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Today we left our hotel and walked to the Air & Space Museum on the Mall.
I don't have any pictures to share.
I took video in the whole museum.
I just can't get my camera to take good pictures of large things that are inside a building with little light. The flash is just not enough and it ends up being a picture of a large black shadow. Luckily I knew that and had experience the past couple days and just did video in that museum.
Maybe I can figure out how to upload some of the 4 1/2 Hours of video I took on the trip.

OH wait, I did take a photo of the kids with the Kitty Hawk replica...... It was in a room devoted to Wilbur and Orville Wright.

That was the museum which was Geoff's favorite! He loved seeing the Apollo space ships.
After we took a cab over to Arlington Cemetery.

Here we are at J.F. Kennedy's grave alongside are Jackie Kennedy-Onassis and 2 of their young children.

You can barely see the eternal flame in the picture just above the grave markers. It was windy and cloudy with rain on and off that day.
The graves are up the stairs where all the people are standing. The stairs were very slippery from the rain. One older man fell right at Derek & Me. I had to pull Derek out of the way from being knocked over and try to help the man from falling at the same time.
Robert Kennedy's grave.

We did a lot of walking the entire trip. Arlington is very hilly. You are climbing up and up to the Kennedy's graves and then up even higher to the Arlington House. Out in front of the Arlington house is the grave of L'Enfant that designed, well started to design the city of Washington, DC before he was fired.

Then you get to go down hill, steeply, before going back up hill to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

This is the soldier that was placed on duty just as we arrived.

We stayed the 30 minutes until the next changing of the guard ceremony.
Since we arrived as the previous ceremony ended we had front step place to see the next one.

Here is the view from the stairs across the tombs and forward.

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