Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New York Pizza & shopping American Girl & Nintendo

Here we are in New York city, so of course we had to try some New York Style Pizza!

Geoff grew up outside Chicago and loves Chicago deep dish pizza! I've been to Chicago a few times for authentic pizza and love it too.

This was a little hole in the wall pizza parlor that we passed as we walked around New York.

I took Katie to the American Girl Doll store after we went to Central Park.
We went earlier in the morning but didn't buy anything so we didn't have to carry it all day. We went back and she was able to get an early birthday gift..... a Bitty Baby doll and an outfit. She used her dog walking money she has earned the past few weeks to get another outfit for the baby.

Geoff went ahead of us to the Nintendo World store with the boys. He bought each of the boys a DS game. Derek chose Lego Batman and James chose a game too (I forget, I'll have to fill in later.)

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