Thursday, September 25, 2008

Washington DC - walking around the Memorials

HPIM4973After the Washington Monument we tried to go to the Bureau of Printing & Engraving to see money printed but they closed early that day around 3.

It was 4:30. We knew we were closest to the Jefferson Memorial.

It continued to rain so we bundled up in hoods and the 3 rain ponchos we had and started walking.

Here we are on the other side of the tidal basin starting to walk toward the Jefferson Memorial. Off to the right you can rent paddle boats during nice weather. Overhead are the Cherry Trees that blossom in the spring. They were covered in green leaves, no flowers.

HPIM4974 HPIM4975

We had the whole place to ourselves. We had to walk over a bridge and down around the basin for a while and only saw a couple other people.

HPIM4978It was very windy. You can see the wind is whipping up the water and blowing the poncho around Katie's legs.

HPIM4981We have arrived and are the only ones around!


Just after I took this picture it was Katie that pointed out to me that you can see the White House from here. Down on the left of the Washington Monument you see the white peeking out between the trees.

This was the best moment I felt for days. I don't know why but the amazing design of the city and the memorials and the history surrounding us.

I like how the rain makes the marble floor shine.

HPIM4989Next we walked around the basin to the Roosevelt Memorial.

Here are the kids hugging his dog, Fala.

He didn't like being in a wheelchair so the cape is "hiding" it.

HPIM4993James thought of getting in the line and Derek followed. Makes a good picture and they will never forget seeing this sculpture and being a part of it.


After much more walking and dodging evening traffic we made it to the WWII Memorial and behind that is the Reflecting Pool leading to the Lincoln Memorial. We were all looking forward to that Memorial the most, anxious to see it's massive size and the statue of Abraham Lincoln.




My camera battery died about then. I was usually lucky to take it out, shake it a bit and put it back in to get one or two more shots. We tried to get a family shot taken by a passerby but then lost the kids while I did the battery thing. So I got my pic w/ Lincoln with James.


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