Thursday, November 06, 2008

first time for a cast

Derek was on the trampoline on a bouncy ball.....yes a terrible combination.

Which I had to explain to multiple nurses & doctors, to my shame.
He rolled off the ball and as he says, "Mom, my elbow bent the wrong way!"
After James experience of falling off the monkey bars at school and having a hairline break
at his elbow I knew to keep an eye on Derek.
THe next day he was still complaining about it, even through the field trip to the
bird sanctuary. So I called the doctor's office as soon as we arrived home and they were
able to get us in at 4 p.m. They took x-rays and sent us over to the hospital
to see more doctors and they were all unsure, so we decided to cast it just in case.
He had a RED one first.
After 2 weeks we went in. They took x-rays and determined that there
was a hairline fracture and it was not healed yet so he had to get another
cast, this time Blue, for another 2 weeks.

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