Saturday, November 01, 2008

R2D2 Birthday Cake

Derek’s birthday party theme is Star Wars. His cake is R2D2. I looked up other cakes online to get some ideas that other people have done. For a couple days I thought I would make a stand up R2D2, but then I would have to borrow a few round pans and make a LOT of cake. (probably 6) I worried about the fondant sticking to the upright cake.

This was my 2nd time working with fondant so I decided to stick with a flat cake.


First I measured the 2 pans I have and made the paper the same size.

Then I drew the R2D2 to the size I would make it. I only made 1 leg and would do it twice.


I baked 2 cakes. Derek chose white cake with rainbow colored sprinkles inside.

Here are the baked cakes with the cut out pictures before I cut.


I cut everything out. Because the pan on the left was smaller, the cake came out thicker. The two legs are higher than the center body.


I used a thick thread to slice through the legs using the middle section as my height guide.


I rolled out the fondant. I bought a 5 lb. box and ended up only using 1 of the 2 bags in the box.

I rolled it out using powdered sugar on the counter and on the rolling pin. I used the small knife to do the cutting.
After laying the fondant over the pieces of cake you mold it down the sides and cut the leftover off the ends and sides.

I did the middle first. I moved each leg off the tray (which is a foil covered cookie sheet) and then covered the legs and moved them back onto the tray.


All of the scraps were used to make the additional squares, circles & rectangles.

I wet the pieces (they dried out quick) and that helped to smooth out the edges and glue them down onto the cake.


I used powdered sprinkle color. The instructions were to wet the area with water and sprinkle on. However I needed detailed areas and it was too messy. First I started mixing the powder with water to make “watercolors” then tried using coconut rum (shhh don’t tell the parents) so that the alcohol would dry faster than the water. (nope I didn’t drink any… too much to do…) This was the blue and the red.

Derek helped with the sliver strips on the legs and the half circles. We did the wetting & sprinkling for those parts. Also on the silver top part.

I also did the gold circle that way. It turned out pretty, like glitter.

I found some Cookie Decorating markers and that is what I used for the green, the purple stripes, the yellow ring around the blue and finally for writing Derek’s name and new age.


Mandaroo said...

Awesome cake! I'll bet they loved it! Looks like we'll be meeting you on Weds field trip! I'm Mandy over at 2ndtotheright, also on the SD Unschoolers list.

Rachel said...

incredibly cool! Oh my Gosh...WOW!!!