Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve children's Mass

During the Children's Mass on Christmas Eve Fr. Matt
calls all of the children to sit on the altar with him during the homily.

Derek is in the red polo with the yellow stripes.

Katie is front & center.

At the end of the homily the kids count down and cheer when the lights are turned
on the Christmas Tree behind them.
The Homily this year was the hidden teachings of the Catholic Church
in the 12 Days of Christmas Song.

12- Apostles creed; 11-Apostles after Judas left; 10- Commandments;
9- Fruits of the Holy Spirit; 8- Beatitudes; 7-Gifts of the Holy Spirit;
6- Days of Creation; 5-books of the Pentateuch; 4-Gospels;
3-Virtues - Faith, Hope & Love; 2 - OT & NT; 1-Christ on the Cross.

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