Monday, December 22, 2008

My husband loves Christmas Lights!

My husband loves to decorate the house with lights for Christmas.
The more the happier!
We call him the "Chevy Chase of the Street"

This year there are so many that he has to turn them off to run the pool pump and go in the jacuzzi after his hard work!

So we thought the electric bill was high in the summer for the pool....... now we'll have to see how much the lights cost this year.
He's been working on it since November.
And as if this wasn't enough he's building his own wooden Christmas Tree & Lights. He started working on it outside last night. Then he decided he needed a 12 foot pole instead of only 6 foot. He got up and went to Home Depot before we were all awake this morning to buy supplies. However, when he came out it was raining! Now the rain has thwarted his efforts.

Enjoy the video. At the end I show the other houses around ours and their lights compared to ours. Hmmmm.

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