Friday, December 05, 2008

Wolf Center Encounter

We joined a large group of families organized by a homeschool mom to visit the
California Wolf Center.

We saw and felt an Alaskan wolf pelt and learned about their webbed feet.
The Center has about 4 Alaskan wolves. They are all 11-15 years old. They are expected to live around 10 years. The wolves live in a fenced in area and are not interested in humans. They kept their distance and moved about slowly. Most of them were snoozing in the crisp sunny day. Cool for us but probably warm to them.

The next fenced in area held many Mexican Wolves. They are breeding well at this center. This Thursday they will take a group of 1 year old pups to be released into the wilds of Arizona/New Mexico.
The Mexican wolves were very aware of our group and eager to come right up to the fence and push their scent glands firmly along the fence for us to know this was their territory. (Their fence was 4 feet back from our fence so we were well separated.)

The wolf center is in Julian, California. It was about 50 minute drive for us.
We learned a lot about wolves and the conservation efforts of this center.

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