Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow in San Diego County Dec 2008

LOOK! It does snow in San Diego County!
This is about an hours drive East and up into the Local Mountains.

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We have had lots of rain and cold enough weather for snow to come over 3000 feet.
As in over Sea Level, in the mountains. The actual snow height is about 2 feet.

Geoff took the day off, a Thursday, to take us all up the mountain to see how much snow there was, and go sledding.
I didn't plan to go because Derek was not feeling well the night before and I woke up with a migraine. But after watching everyone get ready, Derek wanted to go.
I got ready to go. We left and got up the road and Geoff realized he forgot the chains. So we turned around. I was already affected by the sun and nauseous from my migraine. I was not looking forward to the winding roads and getting car sick.
SO I bowed out once we reached our driveway and waved goodbye.
They had an awesome time and the dog's first experience with the snow is funny.

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How are you going with that 30 day Shred workout? I find you have to keep on working out, to get past that soreness! lol! I remember doing a Taebo Ulitmate Butt workout and not being able to walk upstairs!

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