Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tangrams some links

Tangrams booklet & links
I like the link to the University's online Tangram game best

History of Tangrams

Make your own Tangrams instructions

PBS Kids

For iPhone or iTouch a free game from

Tangram -by; printable tangram, different tangram puzzles, more links

A Google search on "tangram" shows lots of pictures

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School for Us said...

We were playing with Tangrams just last week at a Chinese New Year event.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. You asked about my cameras. For regular shots and macro shots I use a Canon PowerShot SD900. My "big" camera with a great zoom lens is a Canon Rebel XTI. I love both of them!

It would have been fun to meet you while we were in San Diego, too! Maybe they'll be a next time...