Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ski Trip videos

We were able to go skiing again on Wednesday.
California had a huge rain storm over Fri - Tues and we knew Wed was going to be clear so Geoff wanted to go up and ski. This may be the last time we go this winter. We had a fun day.
When went in January James took snowboard lessons while the other two did skiing. This time both boys did snowboarding and Katie did skis.

There was so much snow that it took 2 hours to get up the mountain road. Luckily our truck didn't need chains but other cars did and it slowed everyone down.

It was a beautiful clear day and the snow was so pretty on the trees and it sparkled in the sunlight on the ground. It was very good skiing snow. A little bit of powder and not much ice.

Video of Katie skiing. You can see Derek a couple times in the background in the tan jacket.

Here is Geoff helping Derek learn to Snowboard.
My perfectionist 6 year old strapped on boots & a snowboard for the first time in the lift line and rode the lift up the "bunny hill" and expected to be able to snowboard down.

He did so well!! But you can see him hitting his fists when he falls down in frustration. We couldn't convince him how awesome he was doing on his Very First try on a snowboard. We did this 2 times and then it was time to go to take his lesson. Unfortunately the lessons ended at 4 and the lifts closed at 4 so we were not able to take him up after the lessons to see what he learned.
Hopefully we'll make another trip this season.

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