Tuesday, June 02, 2009

the last t-ball game

It has been a great t-ball season for Derek. We met some great boys and very nice families.
No homeschoolers, but good to know some more boys that live nearby who are Derek's age.

His team was the River Cats! I don't know who came up with the names but there were the River Dogs, Sea Dogs, Lugnuts, Sand Gnats, (glad we missed those 2) the Volcanos and the Mets.

For the last inning Derek was the catcher.

The last trip to the snack bar.
Sometimes is seems the kids show up to play just so they get
to go to the snack bar after the game.

We are hosting the end of the season BBQ party at our house.
We are looking forward to a fun filled afternoon.
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Leonie said...

The pix make me feel like I am there! Thanks - it is grey and wintry here so love your blue skies.