Saturday, June 06, 2009

Old Town San Diego tourist

James has acting classes on Saturdays for 2 hours. So I have time to act like a tourist in Old Town. I walked around taking pics to share.

This one is a store front with statues of Pope Benedict XVI, St. Francis, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Pope John Paul II. Along with some wrestling masks. Hmmmm. or how about piggy banks?
In the garden of the Immaculate Conception Church.

Immaculate Conception Parish Church, and its altar.
Lunch! Carne Asada taco, beans & rice. Yum.
This is a pottery store around the corner. We are looking at a statue for the backyard garden so I took a few shots to remember what they have at this store.

Some crosses for my cross wall in the entry way.
Some Seahorses for our ocean/beach theme bathrooms.

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Dawn said...

Love Old Town! Need to get back with the kids soon :)