Monday, October 12, 2009

Balboa Park, San Diego

James had classes today so he was busy. Katie decided to stay home and with Geoff while he worked from home. So Derek and I went to Balboa Park and visited the Natural History Museum. We started on the top floor and saw a photography exhibit. Lots of photos of ocean animals: Whales, dolphins & underwater shots.
Next we spent a very, very long time in the gift shop, looking at every little thing.
He became fascinated with the minerals & gems. We decided on a box with 15 minerals and a separate large Amethyst stone.
We met up with friends and saw the 3d movie about Dinosaurs. It is a good movie. It explores how ideas and timelines change over time as paleontologists discover new fossils.

I like this shot of many people exploring the park while
the trees, buildings & the bell tower stand firmly in place - waiting
to be enjoyed and admired.

I thought this shot with the couple & their dog
would make a good watercolor.

Here I liked the bending tree, the bridge & blue sky.
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