Friday, September 16, 2005

HAPPY 60th Birthday to my Dad!

Today is my dad's 60th birthday.
After my dr. appointment I went by home to check on everyone and then went to target to get some treats for my dad.

I had to comment to the checkout girl - - I had an entire cart full of JUNK Food! that it was for a birthday party. I'm too embarrassed to say that it was just for my dad and my family.

for Dad: 2 boxes Cheeze-Its, 2 bags Milky Way, 1 bag Snickers (luckily it's halloween candy time!);
Oreos (he didn't want them - so they're coming home); Chips OHoy; black licorice; peanutbutter cheese crackers

for US: bags of - milky way, heath, mounds, orange MILANO, fritos, pretzels, 4-juice box packages for lunches, dr. pepper, sprite, peanutbutter cheese crackers.

Dropped this stuff off and ran home to pick up D and change cars to pick up J&K @ school.
Stopped by the mexican place for a breakfast burrito for me, bean burrito for dad and tortillas & chips for the kids.
Used my Baker's square FREE pie coupon to get dad a French Apple pie to celebrate.
Went to his assisted living cetner, asked for plastic silverware, plates & napkins.
Shared pie with dad. We all sang him Happy Birthday.
Then he decided he wanted to come over to our house to eat his bean burrito.
OK - - Load 'em up! so we arrived home just in time to get my mom's phone call that my Aunt D died.
I spent the next couple hours arranging my mom's plane ticket on
and then my own. She's going Sunday to Saturday.
I'm flying with her Sunday and coming home Monday night 8:00.

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