Thursday, November 09, 2006

How's Homeschooling going???

There isn't a short answer about how homeschooling is going........ and with everything, there are good days and bad, We are still learning how to do all this...............

Overall, the homeschooling is going well. Katie is zooming through 1st grade. I already turned in her 1st quarter grades 3 weeks ago, and she is ahead in phonics 2 quarters and english. (I knew she would do fine) She is missing having friends around all day. But we started gymnastics and met some Catholic homeschool families at the park last Wednesday after Mass.

James is taking his 1st quarter tests this week. His work is much more intense.
However, I'm trying not to push him and stress the two of us out. He and I "butt heads" very often. I knew he would be more of a challenge. Plus it is 4th grade and the expectations for writing and reading are much more.
Even I have a tough time keeping up with his workload of subjects!

I've been doing lots of research on unschooling and reading lots of internet information and books from the library.
So when we have a day of little "book schooling" I know that they are kids and they do learn a lot from playing.
It helps keep the pressure off.

Parenting remains the challenge. It is a huge adjustment to have all 3 at home all day. Usually they get along great, but they have their moments. Going up to Moms group at St. Therese on Thursday mornings has helped a lot. They get to play and do crafts with the kids and I get to see my mom friends.
We enrolled back into gymnastics at the YMCA after taking a couple months off. So we are adding in more activities as the year progresses.

Well that's still a long but short answer.
I'm reading an awesome book "My Life with the Saints" by James Martin, S.J.
Borrowed from the library. It is a Jesuit priest and he shows how he has learned about the Saints as he has "become" Catholic and a priest in seminary. He has several other books, I will be looking into.

Also been reading more about Mother Teresa. And Moms group was Great a few weeks ago to remind me how easy the Divine Mercy Chaplet is. I finally ordered EWTN on cable and love doing the rosary and DM chaplet with the videos they play.

Time to get going! James finished his science & religion tests and called a recess! It is lunch time anyway.

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