Tuesday, March 13, 2007

*- 37 !*

#37 - NO that is not how old I am! It is how many things we checked out from the library today. 5 videos and 5 books on CD

I'm embarrased to say that we have only discovered the library system in the past year and happy that we are going even more in the past few months.

I'm proud to say that is because I have a whole library of books here in our home - so I never felt the need to borrow more.
I bought so many books while I was in college and getting my teaching credential = for my potential, future classrooms.
Then as an Usborne Consultant, I have hundreds of books from Usborne. So there are plenty of books around the house. But I only have James that can read - but he is not interested. Katherine is just starting to read - and she is very interested. She checks out the most books.
We've been going to the library about every 3 weeks now, when books are due obviously, and I let the kids checkout as many as they want.

This was quite the jackpot though. I've read of moms taking laundry baskets to the library to carry home their books..... hum.... maybe next time.

I went with a list of 15 books. 2 for me [ Icon Painting and Saints of the California Missions] and the rest for Derek to do the activities at KizClub.com
I have a lot of the books but needed 3 Eric Carle books, It Looked Like Spilt Milk (which we couldn't find the book so the Librarian let me borrow her BIG book.)

The books on CD are: Junie B. Jones Aloha-ha-ha! and Jingle Bells, Batman Smells.
Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery and The Magic Treehouse Books 9-15

Now if we only don't lose any ..... and get them back on time!!

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