Wednesday, March 14, 2007

errands - Lunch & Legoland

Busy day - but no schoolwork! The kids are happy. OK I'm happy too..... It's is so wonderful to be able to decide not to do any school and run errands and go have Lunch with Grandma today.

We picked her up at her office and took her to Trophy's. YUMMY.
The kids love eating there, me too.

Stopped in Verizon to look at the phones. I want to get the new "Chocolate" phone but I had to look at it first. I'll order it online so I can get the pink "strawberry" one. Grandma had them look at the battery on her phone.

Later today she ordered a new phone - She thought she was getting the pink chocolate one like me but actually ordered the PINK Razor phone. She's happy with it's slimness.

I wanted a phone that you don't have to FLIP open. It is so "Star Trek" to flip open a phone...........................

Anyway, then we were on our way to Legoland. NO they were not OPEN today :(
but we had to go all the way up there (about 35 miles) to exchange our membership cards for new ones and get pictures taken again.

It was worth it -{ well maybe, maybe not - since we were there an hour and a half 2 - 330
waiting in line } BECAUSE they gave each of us a FREE admission ticket.

SO we have 4 free tickets. Geoff doesn't have a memebership - so now we don't have to get him one. My mom wants to go once so that will use them up.

Next we were on to Mervyn's for new shoes. James needed new shoes and new basketball shoes. Katie & Derek sort of needed new shoes and found some they liked.

Derek's are so cute and he picked them out all alone, while I was helping Katie choose a color, I just had to get them.

The deal of the day - I hope -was that I had 20% off everything and they were on sale. And best of all they had Heelys on sale. So marked $65, on sale for $49.99 and after 20% off only $40 each. Even the Cashier was shocked that they were $50 and she didn't have to buy 3 pair!

Luckily we all agreed at dinner the other night that they would get Heelys for Easter.

So they are hidden away in the garage. James knows about the bunny and Katie is on the fence but they are not allowed to spoil it for Derek - he's only 4!

But they will be from us and since I got a good deal, they can still get a toy from "The Bunny"!

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