Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Swept Under the Rug"

I was posting this at first because I told the story to my brother - under cute things kids say - about how Katherine asked me what "Swept Under the Rug" meant (she's 7).

I had an awful migraine yesterday and we don't normally watch daytime TV, but I could barely move off the sofa so we were flipping around and stopped on Mia Farrow on "The View".
Her comment was about China's involvement in Darfur is "Being swept under the Rug" in light of their hosting the Olympics
Mia said nothing can be done about China's support of that region because they get their oil from there. Since China is hosting the Olympics, we should essentially boycott the Olympics and notify the Olympic committee that we object to China's support of the terror in Darfur region. We can also make a difference by notifying our state government of this injustice.

Katherine needed explanation of this - - - well is it a euphemism or colloquialism? or is it just a saying? It may be an Idiom.

Anyway, I'm not much of an activist. But in the tragedy of the people in Darfur just gets to me. there's more to this post at her website.

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