Wednesday, April 25, 2007

St Catherine of Siena

Katherine is working on a saint study and chose St Catherine of Siena.

We found some beautiful websites and "Super Saints" by Bob & Penny Lord was on EWTN about St. Catherine.

I've never heard of the 14 Holy Helpers. She is in the top 3.

Her Feast day is April 29th - This Sunday.

She was the youngest of 25 children.

I found her Dialogues online.

Once again I'm findng reference to "my neighbor" and how God is using my trials to learn about Him:
How virtues are accomplished by means of our neighbor, and how it is that virtues differ to such an extent in creatures.
"I have told you how all sins are accomplished by means of your neighbor, through the principles which I exposed to you, that is, because men are deprived of the affection of love, which gives light to every virtue. In the same way self-love, which destroys charity and affection towards the neighbor, is the principle and foundation of every evil. All scandals, hatred, cruelty, and every sort of trouble proceed from this perverse root of self-love, which has poisoned the entire world, and weakened the mystical body of the Holy Church, and the universal body of the believers in the Christian religion; and, therefore, I said to you, that it was in the neighbor, that is to say in the love of him, that all virtues were founded; and, truly indeed did I say to you, that charity gives life to all the virtues, because no virtue can be obtained without charity, which is the pure love of Me."

I found a new quote for my email signature:
Everything comes from love, all is ordained for the salvation of man, God does nothing without this goal in mind. -Saint Catherine of Siena

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Andrea said...

I stumbled upon your beautiful site! I have 3 daughters, 2 in Catholic school, and am discerning homeschooling. I pray for your homeschooling ministry; please pray for our school St. Joseph in Lake Orion.
God bless your family!