Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lunapads and Divacups

I was researching Luna Bars, Luna tea cakes and the Luna Elixir and found out about Lunapads (totally different product and company) and their Divacups and Sea Pearls.
They are alternatives to that monthly visitor. Organic cotton pads that are reusable by washing and Sea sponges, used as a tampon, that are washable and silicone cups, inserted like a tampon that collect the fluid and are cleaned out a couple times a day.
Well you learn something new everyday, especially with the internet.
I don't know how soon I'll be trying any of these but they do get you thinking that there are alternatives.


I lived on Luna Bars during pregnancy and after having babies. They are tasty, satisfy that chocolate craving and are pretty good for you. Chocolate Pecan Pie is my favorite. It is the only one the kids will eat anymore. I keep trying new flavors, but nothing beats it.
For a while we would eat the Nuts over Chocolate, but it is a bit too peanut buttery.

The last one I tried was S'mores and it was just OK. The Dulce de Leche wasn't too good either.
Oh well, we'll be devoted to the Chocolate pecan pie!

I do want to find those Tea Cakes and try the Elixir. The elixir has mixed reviews so we'll see.

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