Sunday, April 29, 2007

food & books what more do ya need? (& God too)

Katherine asked several times today for Ham .... since Easter she has decided that she likes ham & bacon. We didn't want it tonight, so she asked for it at her First Eucharist party on Sunday.
We've been working on the menu for the party all day.
So I'll pick up a spiral ham at costco. Geoff suggested sandwiches and I quickly shot him down.... and went on to explain our lengthy menu, planning and the work we already have to do on the 10 costco chickens we plan to get. I'm not making sandwiches too. But I think it will be easy to set out a ham and people have slices. some rolls and mustard to go with it.

(Derek was cute, he contributed that we can make the sandwiches with saltine crakers and the ham in the middle)

My mom said we should get the costco nacho sauce and she will bring her crockpot. we'll have nacho dip to go with chips & salsa.

I found this book closeout site
and searched for the lloyd alexandar books and found a few

and that Usborne england is publishing them too:
I wonder when we'll have them to sell in USA. Usually takes a season for them to "come across the pond" watch my website

Have you read any of Melissa Wiley's books about Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandmother & great grandmother? I'm going to order this set of 4. We borrowed them from the library but they are a bit thick and K is not ready for them yet. Her blog says they are going to be condensed and re-published. SO I want to get the original versions before they are gone.

Did you know Melissa Wiley has blogz and lives in san diego?
& homeschooling one

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jeneflower said...

Melisa is awesome! Great that you found her blog!