Monday, April 30, 2007

What's Blogging and why do I want to get stuck in traffic?

I've been blogging for a couple years but I still feel brand new.
It's one of those computer things that have new ways to do it better & faster everyday - so you have to keep up with the latest.

The best thing about Blogger, is that you can go create a post and under "Post Options" can give the post any date that you choose.

This has saved me. I know I can remember something I want to share and put the date it happened. I can find pictures I want to share and same thing.... back date them.

Just today I had my aunt send the awsome picture of my son recieving the flag at my father's funeral last June and was able to post it back in June.

I use my Blog more as a diary for myself & family. But I hope someone finds my life a little interesting or can gleen an experience from it somewhere in the world.

I really hope my love for God, Family, Children, the Catholic Faith & Homeschool show through my blog.

OK the assignment from Jennefer is to tell how we get YOU - readers - to get to our blog, and more importantly - how to get you back!
She gives us her way at HOW to drive traffic to your blog
Read her post, and everyone else's she lists for TONS of information.

#1 My best advice is Google Reader.

I can visit blogs and then subscribe to them and Google REader lets me know everyday who has new posts and how many.
TODAY I learned, and put a "Button" on my blog for readers to SUBSCRIBE to my blog - as easy as clicking the button from "Add to Any"

#2 Have an interesting Titles to your a) Blog, b) posts

#3 Write about funny, interesting stuff. Or have cute pictures of your kids?

OK so I'm not the best writer, and don't express myself very humorously, but it takes all kinds!!

So, I'm clicking publish now and this is my contribution to the CARNIVAL !
i'm going for my pasta & garlic bread dinner now.


Esther said...

Laurie, I think I just happened across your blog one day and I am so happy I did. You are on my daily list. Thanks for the tip about Google Reader. I was wondering how that works. I use bloglines. It has a little notified that bings when a blog is updated.

Laurie said...

Your blog is FIRST on my Google Reader, so I always read it first.
I love how you start my day with a strong Faithful, prayerful read.
I always find something new.
I was just going to ask you Where do you get all of your AWESOME pictures?
Also I need the HTML for the Catholic Homeschool Blog with the soft blue picture of Mary & Jesus to include on my sidebar.