Sunday, May 27, 2007

Flower pictures from the garden

Geoff works hard buying, planting & killing flowers for the yard. OK the San Diego weather - sun and heat kill them off too fast for me. Geoff finds weekend pleasure in keeping the yard looking nice. We live on a wonderful street where everyone takes great pride in their yards and flowers.

Sometimes, I hate seeing the money spent on dying flowers.
Yes the yard looks excellent and beautiful. Especially for Easter. We hold the egg hunt in the yard and I take lots of pictures.
I don't have a "green thumb" so that doesn't help either.
I used to plant bulbs of tulips, irises and ranunculus. I guess I did OK with those, but they all die out too.
I'll have to make a note on the calendar for September to plant bulbs again. I love the tulips & iris.

Gerbera Daisies are my favorite. Geoff always has lots of them in all different colors.

We are trying a hibiscus. I don't think this spot next to the house will be the permanent home for it since this should become a bush. But we'll see.

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