Sunday, May 27, 2007

get down before you crack your head open…… again!

The story of Derek’s cracked head (the First Time)

See May 23, 2007 for Second time.

So we go back to Sept 2004. Derek is 22 months old.

The three kids are playing upstairs, I’m downstairs eating. They are jumping around and I yell up there…. “Stop jumping around”
I finish eating and I’m at the sink. I hear a very loud “THUMP”
but then it is quiet………….. “What was that?” No answer.

OH…side note: Derek is a Breath Holder…… He holds his breath to passing out purple when he is trying to cry. I can tell that his is happening. So I bolt up the stairs. The kids are running from the back room towards the stairs as I’m coming around the turn to the 2nd flight.

As I reach the top they are all there and I can see the blood already.

I grab him up, because of the blood AND he is not breathing and will fall over from passing out, to take him downstairs.

I run towards the kitchen to call 911, but I change my mind, thinking MAYBE it is not as bad as I think. So I turn around and we run towards the front door. I tell the kids, let’s go across the street to the neighbor mom to help me survey the damage. I’m too chicken to look, too nervous to look and did I mention, as like normal people, I hate the sight of blood.

So we get to the door and I look back and see the trail of blood drips behind me. From the stairs, into the kitchen, and back out toward the front door. It may be worse than I think.

I decide I’m calling 911. But I send the kids to get the neighbor while I run back to the phone in the kitchen and call.

I’m sitting on the floor of the kitchen holding his bloody head--- ON HOLD with 911.

The neighbor comes over with her daughter the same age as Derek on her hip. She has 3 kids the same ages as mine. All of the older kids stay at her house.

By now I’m talking to the 911 operator and describing the blood. She tells me to put something on it - duh, so my neighbor grabs the dish towel.

Derek is crying and wants to nurse. The operator says NO, no food in case he later throws up.

>>> I forgot to tell you how this happened >>> He jumped/fell ?? From the top of the Bunk Bed. There was nothing on the floor, so we don’t know how the cut happened exactly besides hitting the floor.

So the paramedics arrive and it is a huge gash in the top of his head. It is not bleeding as much by then. The gash is over 4 inches long and gaping wide. It is on the front right hand side of his head. It is jagged.

We are loaded up in the ambulance and we go to children’s hospital. Where he gets 11 stiches.
Now I don’t remember exactly but, 5 or so for inside layer and 6 on outside layer.

Since then I’ve always been able to say “Get down from there before you Crack your Head Open AGAIN!”

Here are pictures where you can see his hair is thinned where the cut us and the dark spot from the stiches and healing wound. This picture is from the kids' first day of school.
James is starting 2nd grade. Katherine's 2nd year of PreSchool.

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Your children are so beautiful!