Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pray for First Communicants this weekend

Over on the 4Real Learning Forum there is a wonderful list of children receiving their First Holy Eucharist this weekend.

As you know, Katherine is one of them. And her best friend TAS.

Some moms, with have put together a chart of the USA and starred the states where children are located.

We are praying for all those making their First Holy Communion this weekend. I think we have included everyone in our rosary this morning: - Sarah in Michigan - Blaise in Michigan - Laura in VA - Timmy in VA - Nicholas in VA - Kolbe James in VA - Mary Elizabeth in NC - Katherine in San Diego - Isaac in Saskatchewan - Aaron in Pennsylvania - Nicole in Ohio - Lily Ann in Vermont

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Esther said...

Laurie, I will be praying for your dear daughter and all the other children!