Friday, June 01, 2007

James' Last Basketball Game

Today was James' last basketball game with his team at the YMCA.

YEAH they won the game!! finally.
Poor kids, trying to be sportsmanly here, but they had to play the same team every week.

The other team always had 6 players. 2 very good players, boys, and the rest were pretty good too - 2 boys and 2 girls.

Our team had 3 boys, good in their own right, but not as good or as agressive as their 2 great players. We had 2 girls where were pretty good, but they only showed up for half of the games.

So one of the boys' little brothers would play and we would have 4 vs. 4 and they would rotate in 2 kids. Our poor boys got poked, tripped, punched and were cut & bleeding (by fingernails).

And they lost most every game in points.

Oh well, I guess I'm just whining. I just didn't think it was a fair division of teams. They did assessments before chosing teams, but I think it is wierd how the other team got the better more agressive players, and our team were sweet boys. (Ok, I didn't mention it above, and I was trying to avoid saying it, but their players were 2 black boys and one girl and our team were all white kids). There I said it. SO I just don't understand why each team didn't get one of the boys and they would have been more evenly divided. Oh Well.
It was the first time this new YMCA has set up a basketball league. I hope word gets out for next season and there is a better turn out so there are more teams to play each other.
p.s. After the game we went to see Spider Man 3.
I was avoiding it, but actually liked it very much. except the ending where EVERYONE is crying in the movie. All the guys and the one girl...... all crying.......
I think I liked it a tiny bit more than Shrek 3 --- Which we saw the morning it came out!
Ditched homeschool and went to the movies at 11 a.m. :)

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