Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ratatouille - The movie

The neighbor boy invited James to go see Ratatouille with his family.
Not surprisingly, once my other kids heard about it, that meant all of us were going to go.
Neighbor boy's mother didn't know her son was asking James to go with them, and she didn't really want to take 4 kids (she has 3) to a movie. So we invited ourselves to go with them. :)
A spontaneous adventure!

The movie was excellent. I laughed a lot.
I did think that the old lady shooting the shot gun and reloading to shoot more was a little much. There was some more shooting guns later on too, but it was shorter.

There were 3 scenes where rats were running en masse, like a gray wave across the floor and out the door that gave me the willies. I shuddered at the thought of a rat wave running by. eeeek!

H/T to Dawn at By Sun & Candlelight for this link to a Ratatouille Activity Book.
It takes a while to download.... it is 19 pages. But there are great coloring pages and mazes.

Check out the birthday party in the Ratatouille Theme for her son. Super Cute!

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