Sunday, August 26, 2007

stretch your Dinner idea

A couple weeks back I had a coupon for the Bertolli frozen dinner, and they were on sale.

I chose the Shrimp with penne, asparagus, grape tomatoes & spinach.

The kids usually eat plain noodles, so I figured that this dinner for 2 would make the plain noodles more delicious for dh & me.

I was very surprised that all of the kids enjoyed the dinner.

Katie liked the shrimp and James liked the sauce.

Luckily, they were still on sale - $5.99. They are expensive. Usually $7.99

I bought 6 to keep in the freezer. We eat 1 or 2 a week.

But I stretch them out by adding veggies I have on hand. Broccoli, red pepper, grape tomatoes. And 1/2 package of pasta.

Tonight we had the Chicken, rigatoni & broccoli. I added the red peppers & more broccoli. with some butterfly pasta.

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Momto5Minnies said...

I stretch it out with extra pasta and veggies too.