Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of home "School"

Officially the charter school started today.
so that means we started school today...hmmm

So we looked at our books from the school.

And played gamecube.............

Here's a snack of bagel pizzas.

looks like my camera is off a day.....

Katie did look at her Math U See manipulatives.
Both kids did a lesson in Reading Mastery.
Katie is in III and James is in V .

James did a religion lesson, Seton spelling and looked at the Singapore Math. But I ordered MUS Epsilon for him.

Derek has been doing worksheets as fast as I print them out for weeks, and suddenly today... nope... not going to get any schoolwork out of him today.

I think I made too big of a deal about my Kindergartener! During Mass yesterday he wanted to sit on my lap and for me to hold him up - well he wants that every Sunday. But I was just too tired. So he moped and I whispered that he is almost 5, and he will be a Kindergartener tomorrow, so he has to be a big boy. Well that didn't help much. I sent him over to Geoff so I could hear mass. Then I ended up carrying him at communion time. It was more of a snuggle than a holding. My baby is getting so big. I try to melt these memories into my mind. The days when I'm still able to hold my 42 pounder in my arms. He can wrap his legs around me and his arms around my neck and someday he will be taller than me. I like to stand him on the pew and look up at him and tell him someday I really will be looking up at him because he will be taller than me someday...... Then I'll search my memory banks back to the days when I could lay him across my lap, across my leg with his head at my knee and his feet touching my belly. This was about homeschool........... but that's exactly it, I want to homeschool to spend every moment I can with my kids, before I know it they will be out on their own and we'll just have the memories.

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Jenny in Ca said...

happy back to homeschool! Great photos. We will be starting up with Math U see in a few days, as soon as the books get here, sigh. I am all about the last minute... we are switching from a diff. math curr., I am looking forward to the change.

we are in a charter school, we are with EP.

thanks for sharing your day, I love to see what other homeschoolers are doing, and I know what you mean about your baby growing up- my baby is doing K work this year as well. I keep trying to buy clothes for her in the toddler section.. I don't know why, she just seems, in my mind's eye, to be really small.

have a great week.