Monday, August 27, 2007

Art History class.... day 1... doing homework

8/27 -"Art History" class started today. D & K are in morning class 2 hrs. and James right after them for 2 hrs. It is a History class studied through the art & architecture, people & writings of the time. This semester is Middle Ages. They also study astronomy/constellations, learn Latin phrases, read books & stories, do art projects and probably more I don't know about yet. There's also some science.... last couple years they studied bones & muscles of the body.

As soon as we arrived home the boys started their homework and worked for a solid 2 1/2 hours! They Love the class. I'm Very happy with it too. I was anxious about the class because I have never met the teacher. But I've only heard Great things about the class. I put a lot at stake..... I pretty much only joined this charter homeschool so they would pay for this class. It is $350 a semester, the charter pays $300. So after trying out the charter, paying for this class and using as much of the free curriculum from the resource center I can.... I'll decide if we stay with the charter school or not. If we don't (highly likely) we'll just have to find the $$ for the class. But it already looks well worth the money. It's way cheaper than the Catholic school they were in and we found the money to send 2 kids there for a few years. So I'm not too worried.
Derek completing his flower - and the close up..... The lines are curvy but hey, he's only 4 and he did the coloring correctly. The assignment was to draw straight lines out from the center and then use a light color next to a dark color all around the flower.... which results in a 3-D effect.
James is making his own "monopoly" looking game board. He worked hard coming up with consequences and funny things to happen to the player.
Katie shows off her flower.
The boys are filling in their constellation maps. One map shows the lines and they are assigned to fill in the constellation lines on a map with just the stars.

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