Monday, August 27, 2007

Where oh where have I been?

OMGoodness..... I can't believe it has been a month!! since I have posted.

Not that I haven't conceived of posts SEVERAL times a day, and taken pictures for posting ---
but have I been typing... nope.

So here it is time for a marathon of posting.

I'm going to start with the proper dates in each post so that those of you on google reader will see that I've posted in the past few hours..... for days and weeks ago.

I'm behind in reading blogs too. But I do appreciate Alice's post "To Everything there is a season": about not needing to apologize for being absent. Moms all know that life is just busy. . busy.. busy!!
You'll see a lot that's been going on around here...... new curriculum, new charter school, new Zoology 2 oceanography Co-OP <>, new schedule, new classes,
new POOL construction, new haircut ;>)...............

And today was the "first day" back to school...... all the way to the table.!

We bought new clothes last week and the cashier said, "oh back to school."
I said no, back to homeschool, but we still want to look nice for our classes and church.
We like to do school in our pyjamas!

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