Tuesday, October 30, 2007

pool update..... cement deck poured

well, I haven't had much to update on the pool..... because nothing has been happening! Just a big cement hole in the back yard with pretty tiling around it!

good news: they started digging on Aug 21 and finished the tiling on Sept 21.
bad news: we were not ready... we were not informed we were supposed to have the decking people ready to pour around the pool. It took 2 weeks to choose someone and then a week for his schedule. They prepped the area and were going to pour on Tuesday.... and the fires came late Sunday..
A lot of the men, including the contractor, all live in or near Ramona which was evacuated.
So we were able to have the curb poured last Friday. Monday they did the rebar.
And this morning, very early! they were here with the cement truck!

The truck blocked the driveway so I couldn't leave with the kids at the normal 9 a.m. time to get to Art History.
But it was OK. This is a once in a lifetime thing.
Plus we worked so hard over the weekend on our mosaics.
I'll post those later. I did some palm trees. James made a volcano erupting and 2 palm trees on fire.
Derek made a whale with James and I to help.
I worked hard on a koi fish a couple weeks ago. But then revised the one large fish to 2 smaller fish.
Oh on Friday James & I put our 3 turtles in the curb and we added some blue glass square tiles to the curb too.

You can barely see just above the wood frame the kids did their names with "squiggly" glass pieces and then their handprints.
I'll do close ups when we get them all cleaned up.

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