Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The gift he really wanted .... King Car nivore

This was the one thing Derek really wanted for his birthday. King Car-nivore !
Everytime he saw the commercial we had to watch it.
I found it in the store, but it may be hard to find.... there were only about 4 on the shelf the couple of times we were at the big toy store. So if santa is bringing one to your houes... I would get it now. (they are on sale this week $5 off)

He had his party on Sunday and received 2 of the smaller cars.... the shark and the cobra (thanks DB).

He rec'd $$ from grandma so we stopped by the tru on his birthday. We went to the customer counter and they gave him the crown and a balloon. Then announced over the loudspeaker to look for Derek in his crown and wish him happy birthday!

After NOT finding the hot wheels set we came for....looking at all of the 'cars' movie cars, the monster trucks, the transformers, the TMNTs, we found the car-nivores. Luckily I had warned James that this might happen and that the gift was already wrapped at home. When Derek pulled the King truck off the shelf and declared, "This is It!" James and I gave each other the look.... and James jumped in for me to say, "oh no that is out of your budget!"
We were actually able to talk him out of it and I said that he may get some more b-day money from aunts that he could come back and get it. whew! it worked!

He ended up choosing another hot wheels set. It hangs from the top of a door and the car elevators up and drops down flying off the ramp at the end.

We left the toy store happy and met daddy at .................... Foster's freeze!
For about a month Derek has insisted that is where he wanted his b-day dinner.
We couldn't talk him out of it. We tried every 'nice' restaurant I could think of. Nope FF it is!
So after his corn dog ??? and a huge pile of fries (this neighborhood family owned place if very generous with the fries) he ordered a Reese's twister and we went home to open 2 more gifts and have cupcakes. The neighbor couldn't make his party, so he brought over a gift and had a cupcake too.

WHAT IS IT ? ? ? ! !
Let's see how it works. There are a lot of buttons in the back.
He pops up and beats his chest making loud gorilla noises.
you can program 3 directional buttons or choose the preprogrammed straight, circle or figure 8.

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