Friday, November 09, 2007

when you look back.... it was a busy Friday.

I just couldn't pull the kids inside today. They were having so much fun playing outside.
We were supposed to go to a homeschool Park Day at noon and the kids didn't want to leave home to go.?
James was inside playing playmobil/lego/lincoln log fort and he helped me put together my new 6 drawer cabinet. We also finished up painting from yesterday. He changed his treasure chest color. I painted the backs of my letters.

But the other 2 were outside playing, running, skateboarding, making mud pies, throwing leaves, swimming and who knows what from 10 a.m. to dark!

It made a good day for me to re-arrange furniture!
I moved our 3 desks around, the laser printer, the loveseat, coffee table & lamp.

Also I baked my own version of chicken pot pie. Then, since the oven was on, baked some cheater tollhouse cookies (from dough in a tub).

Geoff was home working on the new fences.

I helped! I held the poles and align them with the level while he dumped the quick drying cement in the holes.

The sooner we Geoff gets the fences up and the alarms on the doors the sooner we will try will pass the saftety inspection of the pool. Once we pass they will plaster and fill it with water! Then it takes time for the dust to settle and filter the water........ THEN we will swim and jacuzzi in our own pool!

INSPIRED BY Dawn @ By Sun and Candelight I bought some wood letters and we spent yesterday afternoon painting.

Derek was sooo happy. He has been waiting and waiting to paint his birdhouse for probably 2 months.

Katie had the same birdhouse. James had a treasure chest.

Here is the final picture..for today... which I love because you can see the new pool outside the kitchen sink window above the word THANKS>>>We are truly Thankful for our pool this year!


Jenny in Ca said...

it sounds like a perfect day! How exciting to have a new pool, enjoy!

loved all the photos

sarah said...

That chicken pot pie looks delicious. Would you care t share the recipe?