Monday, January 28, 2008

Mickey on our minds.

We have Mickey on our minds. Couple more days to go................
I looked thruough some Disneyland books from the library. I didn't learn any "secrets".... but check in with me later.... I have some for you. I learned a lot of new things on this past trip!

Fun pancakes! Make all the big circles for the heads first and then go back and make the ears.

I got the books & dvd from the library. The kids & I enjoyed this dvd a lot. There was a lot of old black & white footage. We got to see Walt Disney and how he designed the park. Opening Day and the early years are on film.
After you watch the shows there is a fun interactive quiz that takes you around the "Lands" of the park and asks some pretty tough questions. Some we knew, some we guessed and some were quite challenging.

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