Thursday, January 03, 2008

today didn't go as well as yesterday...

I'm not proud to report that mom was a grump today.
I suppose if I can write about the good/great days I can write about the bad, horrible, unsuccessful days.

How about I just summarize with:
a headache all night
a wet bed - on clean sheets @ 1 a.m.
ibupropen for breakfast, but followed by 2 more hours of sleep
a headache all morning - but I had a vanilla frappaccino
watched Jon & Kate + 8... 2 shows with Katie. while the boys played webkinz
whine and nag everyone to get some schoolwork done.
James did fine, except math - he proclaimed he was done after 1/4 a page... if that?
Katie moaned and groaned.
Derek .. I finally talked him into sticker math and he liked doing ordinal numbers and some subtraction. Then 4 phonics pages doing the sounds of s, t & b
then we worked on reading the number words one to ten.
well let me sya there was lots of nagging and screaming all in the middle of the day.

Then we watched parts 2 & 3 of the Watercolor lessons video with Donna Hugh again.
#2 was about experimenting with color and not a desirable picture by anyone.
#3 was exploring using red, yellow & orange to make desert scenes.
We all loved that and got busy painting.
Starting out with the colors.
James & I used watercolors from a tube and he didn't quite understand to add LOTS of water. So his was quite thick & dar.
Katie's Sunset.
Derek moved on to adding Green for his cactus.
James' finished work.
My artwork.

So I wasn't too proud of my day. But we learn from our mistakes right??.
We do better when we know better.
Tomorrow is a new day and I'll try harder.

***Found the video at amazon:
But I got them thru the libary.... I ordered Volume 6 today to be transferred to closer branch.

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