Friday, January 04, 2008

Today's activities

Here's my finished watercolor from yesterday with the inked in outlines.

Woke up with the monthly visit I’ve been expecting because of the headaches, cramps & grumpiness. So we are taking it very easy today. sllooooow and easy
Watched tv for a while flipping around the morning shows and some recorded shows from hgtv on a kitchen remodel.

boys were on webkinz until I called everyone together to start with our prayers.
We forgot that yesterday, and had a grumpy day, so time to restart and refocus.

Next I read from “God’s Little Angels”. Chapters 1 & 2 from

Then “Magic School Bus Takes a Dive” About the coral reef and symbyosis

Then “Weight of a Mass”. Everyone enjoyed that.

Lunch & trampoline

Try to do some schoolwork. I’m not sure what James & Katie did.
With Derek & reviewed the alphabet with flashcards. He only missed letter H. Yeah!
Looked at the number words. Introduced the color words.

Kids went out to play with neighbors who have been gone a week and were missed very much.

Once they were back in we waited for dad to bring home Chinese food by watching Volume 3, all 4 watercolor lessons of Donna Hugh’s video “Art Lessons for Children”
Lesson 1 was painting light & dark flowers with the tip of the brush. Boys were so so about that.
They were very excited about Lesson 2… A Chinese Dragon.
Lesson 3 were delicate flowers on a branch. First drawing the flowers (like large magnolias) with a felt tip pen and then wetting the flowers before adding the color to the center and drawing out the color on each petal.
Lesson 4: Underwater fish scene done with sponge painting. Sponge the background with blue, green & purple. Cut a fish shape out of a sponge and apply paint to it and stamp onto the background. Paint on more fish, an octopus or sea star if you like. Add some sea grass.

We’ll try painting tomorrow or next week.

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