Sunday, February 17, 2008

Recover deleted Digital photos... on HP camera

Imagine you leave for Disneyland on Wed afternoon, visit the park that night and stay until Friday night taking TONS of pictures.

You arrive home exhausted Friday night after driving 2 hours and sit down to view pictures.

You place SD card in the reader of my laptop ..... and 14 pictures come onto your screen. 14? 14!?

Your heart drops, your stomach aches.
Check the camera... it has some internal storage.... maybe the card didn't catch them but the camera did..... "0" pictures in memory. Try the memory card in the camera again.... Nope.

I'm tired, I can't think. I have to go to bed. Lying there wondering what could possibly happen to the hundreds of pictures I took. The breakfast, the characters, the fun, the rides..... gone?

Use google to find software for recovering memory card data.
Don't they always say that computer data is never really gone? It's on the disk and you just have to know how to get it?

I found a message board where a mom had a similar problem and the moderator suggested some online software. I load the software. It says that it will look and see if there is data to recover before you have to pay for the software.
The software cannot find my memory card or my camera (now attached to the laptop with the cord that took me about 3 hours to find.)
I'm devastated. I check the software description and it says it can find all memory cards but then lists some camera brands, and HP is not in the list.
Well it is an HP camera, it is HP's fault.
I go to HP's website and click on "Chat with Customer Service"

She says hello, how can I help.....
PLEASE help me recover 3 days of Disneyland Pictures!!!!!
She walks me thru downloading a FREE Software program

and VOILA!!! My pictures are RECOVERED. All but 3, but from 140 pictures, I'm not complaining!! It took about an Hour to look and recover the pictures from the memory card.

If the above link doesn't work here are 2 other ways to get there!

Stay tuned................. my pictures are soon to be posted on the blog!!!

And all about our days @ Disneyland. Also some new things to do and new tricks I learned about Disneyland.

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