Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Saint Homobonus - my patron saint for 2008

This is Marianne's third year in assisting people pair up with their patron saints. This year she has a blog "The Patron Saint of the Year" I read about it on Esther's blog.
Email Marianne and she will let you know which Saint "Chooses YOU" for the year.

12/15/07 The saint that chose you is St. Homobonus!

Don't forget to take time to "google" your saint so you can get to know them and will be better to see all the intercessions that will be comingyour way! The more you know about your saint will also enable you to understand why they "chose" you and what both of you will be able to accomplish in 2008!

Stay in touch and let me know how things go between you! Enjoy your heavenly walk! God bless! Marianne

Saint Homobonus (d. November 13, 1197) was a merchant from Cremona, northern Italy. Born Omobono Tucenghi, he was a married layman who believed that God had allowed him to work in order that he would be able to support people that were living in a state of poverty. His name is derived from the Latin homo bonus ("good man").
Homobonus was able to pursue this calling in life easily as a result of the inheritance he received from his father, a prosperous
tailor and merchant. He practiced his business at Cremona with scrupulous honesty. He also donated a large proportion of his profits to the relief of the poor.
Homobonus was a frequent church attendee that would partake in the
Eucharist everyday. While attending mass, prostrated in the form of a cross, on November 13, 1197, Homobonus died. Two years later Homobonus was canonized by Pope Innocent III. During Homobonus's canonization Pope Innocent III said that Homobonus was a "father of the poor", "consoler of the afflicted", "assiduous in constant prayer", "man of peace and peacemaker", "a man good in name and deed", "this saint, is still like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in our time."
He is the
patron saint of business people, tailors, shoemakers, and clothworkers, as well as of Cremona itself. He was canonized in 1199 at the urgent request of the citizens of Cremona. His feast day is celebrated on November 13. (Italian: Sant'Omobono, German: Sankt Gutman)
The church of
Sant'Omobono in Rome is dedicated to him.

Here is what I have been sharing with St. Homobonus
1. I pray that my employment (wife, mother, homeschooler) was given to me by God which he believed was the reason he inherited his father's business.
2. I want to attend daily Mass more often. So far it's on Tuesdays.
3. I would like to re-learn sewing and teach sewing to Katie. We bought material for skirts & pajamas.
4. I want to be better at Charity. I am terrible at giving away money to charity.
5. (the big one) I REALLY hope to travel to Italy .... very soon! Yohooo, St. Homobonus, can you work on this one for me?
6. homo=man bonus=good. I truly hope I am a Good Woman. ?? FeminaBonus


Leonie said...

Wow, I've never heard of this saint!

sea glass hearts..... Laurie said...

I know, I've never heard of him either!! I was a bit shocked and disappointed.
I thought I would get a well known saint.
I forgot to write this part. I guess because I've had his name since mid-December and I've gotten used to thinking, praying & talking to him.

Anonymous said...

the first itme i heard of him was a few years ago on cnbc, he was mentioned by joe kernen as a patron saint of investors. we certainly need his intercession with what is happening in the markets nowadays

Anonymous said...

its me again anonymous said...
st homobonus if u can read my comments i need your intercession for my goals in life. i would also like to visit your church i italy. i would like to build a church in your name. i would like to help the charities particularly orphanages operated by religious nuns.

Anonymous said...

its me again anonymous,
st homobonus pray for me and my family, thank you very much. i met a priest who is going to work in the vatican and i sent my prayers thru him in the care of pope benedict xvi.