Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day activity sheets FREE downloads

Happy Valentine's Day!
Here are a few fun, schooly activity sheets to do today! Math, graphing, word search.....

Go down to the middle of the page and they are "Winter Activity" and "Holiday Brain Teasers" books but both are only pages for Valentine's Day.

From the SchoolExpress Newsletter.
Two Free Thematic Units and Two Free Activity Fun eWorkbooks Every Month.
This week we have a Valentine's Day Activity eWorkbook and Thematic Unit.

Click here to download the FREE Valentine's Day Activity eWorkbook.

Click here to download the FREE Valentine's Day Thematic Unit.

Enjoy the week. :-)Staff at
Your may forward this newsletter to anyone you think might want to access these free items.

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Rachel said...


I downloaded these (cool site, btw) and never used them! Oh, I tagged you for a meme. Go to my blog to find out.