Thursday, February 14, 2008

St. Valentine's Day Party

Our homeschool moms put together an awesome Saint Valentine's Day party, in spite of the the rain! Everyone brought yummy food, delicious desserts and we had very fun games.
The kids decorated enormous heart shaped sugar cookies with frosting & sprinkles.
A bag was decorated by each family and filled to the brim with cute and holy Valentines.

It's been 82 degrees here for a week and wouldn't you know it .... we woke up to rain and it poured all day. Now it rains here in San Diego very seldom. And when it rains it is usually for a little bit of the day and that's it. Not today. It poured buckets all day and was 45 degrees!

We moved our Park Day party to a hall of the Catholic Church.... thanks be to God!
And had a wonderful party. Thanks Carla!

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