Thursday, July 24, 2008

Addams Family planted the seed

Watching the Addams Family must have put that homeschool/unschool seed in my brain.

My mother can't understand why I want to homeschool. She says, "You loved school."

NO Mom, I hated school, I was just good at it. I could pass their tests, write their papers and compete with the best of them. All the way through, with the goal of college. I finished college and even earned a Masters. But I never loved school.

I DO LOVE LEARNING. Learning never stops.

OH but by the way, today is "Official Learn NOTHING Day". Sandra Dodd's Website.
Can you do it????

I've already learned a lot by 11 a.m. on the internet!!

So I was learning about, Learn Nothing day and following blog posts. I found Sandy Feet and the Addams Family episode.

Man, "But they've got to go to school. Everyone sends their kids to school."

Gomez Addams, "Ridiculous. Why have children, just to get rid of them? Opposed to the whole nonsense."


Man, "But don't you want them to learn?"

Well if you watch on YouTube this is part 1 of 3.
part 2 shows the kids trying one day at school. Wednesday hated it.
part 3 they are thinking of sending them back.

It is over 8 minutes, but it's fun to watch. I'm off to to request the Adams Family DVDs.
(Right after the Avatar Fire episodes we need to catch up on)

well they don't have adams family at blockbuster but they do at netflix.
If you spell it right, with 2 d's They are there!

I was planning on switching back to Netflix last week but I got preoccupied with the packing for our Family Camp weekend and forgot. Blockbuster billed us for another month.
Now I have some more dvds to add to our list for the rest of this month.


Leonie said...

Fun - makes me want to watch The Addams Family, too!

Leslie said...

It's funny that you posted this...I had just pulled up episode 1 on YouTube last night & the kids & I all said "HEY! They're homeschoolers too!" :)

Not only does Netflix have the DVDs, but at least one of them is available to watch instantly... :)