Thursday, July 24, 2008

unschooler goes to school for a year

Heidi shares her son Kevin's essay on going to public 9th grade for a year after a life of unschooling.

Thank you Kevin for sharing your thoughts and feelings!!!
It is very helpful to parents to hear from teens who have unschooled.
We are still making education decisions for our children.

Kevin has his own blog. He is a vegetarian/vegan advocate!

What I'm reading:
Homeschooling Our Children Unschooling Ourselves by Alison McKee
from the city library.

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christinemm said...

Hi, I found you through Site Meter as someone had clicked through to me from your blog.

I see I'm in your blog reader. Thanks for reading my blog.

I had not read this essay about the unschooler going to school. It was great. I left a long comment on that blog. I plan to blog this soon but I'm too busy today.

Have a great day!!